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At your service

Bluebee’s genome analytics platform combines best-in-class tools and components to enable efficient pipeline processing. Our innovative hybrid-core architecture demonstrates impressive performance gains, at substantially lower cost.

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Stay focused

Rather than spending scant budgets on capital intensive investments in hardware and infrastructure support headcount, Bluebee’s cloud based solutions allow you to focus your efforts and your best people for the right cause: better analytics.

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Flexible solutions

We all know there is no "one size fits all". Pipelines need to be specifically designed for the use case and all associated variables. But that does not mean you need a bespoke solution. Bluebee offers a flexible solution based on configurable and editable pipelines.

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Full transparancy

At Bluebee we use generally accepted and verifiable algorithms. What makes us unique is the way we run them on high performance computing infrastructure, significantly increasing processing speed. We gain speed through acceleration, not by adapting the science.

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Conquering the mountains to support personalised cancer research

Proud to share with you that Edwin Cuppen, member of the Bluebee advisory board completed the 21.km challenge Stelvio For Life Foundation 2015 on Saturday 29th August.

The Stelvio for Life Foundation mission is to rise money to support personalised cancer research, by organising (hard) walking and cycling events. Edwin completed the resent challenge which was 21.1 km long and 1533 altimeters high climb of the Stevlio mountain pass

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Intel Invests US$50 Million to Advance Quantum Computing

Congratulations to Bluebee founder Prof. K.L.M Bertels from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) for the $50M funding provided by Intel to advance research efforts in Quantum Computing. The collaboration along with TNO will span over 10 years and holds the promise of solving complex problems that are practically insurmountable today.Read More

Featured article : The DNA of a nation

In the UK – A £300-million (US$467-million) initiative, – 100,000 genomes from patients with cancer, rare disorders and infectious diseases – Sequenced by 2017 The project’s aims are to gain scientific insight by linking the disorders with precise genetic signatures; to obtain better diagnoses; to tailor treatments to individual patients; and, ultimately, to spur the development of a UK genomics industry. Bluebee can certainly help!Read More