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16 MAY, 2018

Bluebee introduces BLUEBASE, a streamlined solution transforming data into actionable knowledge for clinical and translational genomics research

RIJSWIJK, THE NETHERLANDS, May 16, 2018 — Bluebee Corporation announced today the release of BLUEBASE, a complete data management solution designed to transform next-generation sequencing (NGS) and metadata into actionable genomic knowledge with efficiency and clinical-grade security. BLUEBASE runs on the Bluebee core data analysis platform and provides post-sequencing intelligent data aggregation, ease of querying, and deep knowledge mining. BLUEBASE is aimed at diagnostic assay developers, pharmaceutical researchers, clinical trial operators, and investigators of population-scale initiatives, offering a turnkey solution to efficiently realize clinically-relevant information from large-scale genomic data.

BLUEBASE aggregates, organizes, and stores combined genomic data sets, phenotypes, and other metadata from a vast ecosystem of curated public and private databases. With a customizable data model, BLUEBASE accommodates a wide scope of user-defined metadata and ontology frameworks, including the integration of a dynamic public knowledge base of 150 data sources and hundreds of millions of data records, comprised of publications, variant datasets, clinical studies, and other data sources. Private data sets and metadata are easily integrated within the system.

A range of applications are enabled by BLUEBASE, including discovery and validation of biomarkers, insight into patient stratification approaches, cross-study analyses by multi-disciplinary teams, identification of drug candidates for clinical trials and more. Having data mined and readily accessible in BLUEBASE within the Bluebee platform eliminates data redundancy and risks associated with physically transferring large, private datasets, further streamlining clinical genomics applications.

“BLUEBASE was created as part of our mission to further serve precision medicine initiatives,” says Hans Cobben, CEO of Bluebee. “As part of the Bluebee platform, volume to value from genomic data is now achievable, with high efficiency and clinical-grade security.”


About Bluebee

Bluebee offers a secure, global bioinformatics platform aimed at processing, analyzing, sharing and storing genomics data. Through a private cloud service, Bluebee supports users in the clinical diagnostics, therapeutics and research space, with advanced genomic data solutions that are set to fuel the future of precision medicine. Designed for cross-functional teams of clinicians and Life Science researchers, the Bluebee platform effectively centralizes and manages genomic data processes and storage. Bluebee’s multi-layered security is designed to meet both specific organizational and regulatory data protection requirements when analyzing and storing research or clinical-grade data. Local data processing is guaranteed via “Data Residency Control” in state-of-the-art data centers located across the globe.

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