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29 MAY, 2017

Bluebee and MediSapiens Announce Strategic Partnership

Combined Offering Provides a Comprehensive Integrated Solution For (NGS) Data Analysis And Interpretation in Healthcare And Research

Finland and The Netherlands – May 29, 2017 – Today, Bluebee, a leading provider of high-performance genomics analysis and storage solutions and MediSapiens, a leading biomedical big data curation, management and interpretation company, announce a strategic partnership to provide customers with tailored end-to-end analytical solutions for Next Generation Sequencing data.

Sequencing technology is maturing and being optimized for performance, while becoming increasingly affordable. This has opened an era of reliable and foreseeable quality data growth, which demands high computational resources and data storage capabilities to be combined with best in class data interpretation tools. MediSapiens’ ExplorerTM Platform is now integrated with the Bluebee® platform, offering researchers and clinicians the ability to efficiently curate, analyze, store, interpret and securely share data and findings with colleagues, and use this data efficiently in e.g. personalized medicine initiatives, drug development and cohort or population research. The result is a seamlessly combined workflow, from raw sequencing reads to endpoint analyses.

“With the combination of Bluebee’s private cloud based robust and scalable platform for high-speed, configurable data analysis and ExplorerTM Platform’s capabilities in data curation, management and interpretation, scientists and clinicians now have a comprehensive integrated solution that will enhance the development of new diagnostics in the research lab and enable improved therapeutic decisions in a clinical setting”, commented Hans Cobben, CEO of Bluebee.

“For several years, MediSapiens has developed various data interpretation solutions and digital offerings based on its ExplorerTM Platform. Bluebee’s unique capabilities in optimized and secure genomics pipelines fully complement MediSapiens’ integrated biomedical data solutions. This partnership enables us to offer world-class end-to-end solutions for customers working with NGS and offer convenient and powerful tools for pharmaceutical and diagnostic development as well as translational, biobank, cohort and population research”, said Sami Kilpinen, CEO of MediSapiens.

About MediSapiens

MediSapiens is a Bio-IT and bioinformatics company specialized in pharmaceutical research and translational genomics and big biomedical data solutions, providing healthcare and life science with tools that help them curate, manage and interpret large genomic, biomedical and clinical data sets.

MediSapiens’ ExplorerTM Platform enables rapid, secure and tailored development of data curation, management and interpretation solutions. The ExplorerTM Platform is used in various integrative and applied analytical solutions, personalized medicine as well as digitization of processes, data flow, result reporting and data sharing.

Contact MediSapiens:
Marko Kuisma

About Bluebee 

The Bluebee® genomics platform supports cross-functional teams of life science researchers and clinicians by effectively centralizing and managing their genomics data processes and storage needs.
Bluebee accelerates genomics insights discovery via the delivery of optimized gold- standard data analysis pipelines, employing both supercomputing and private cloud technologies. This results in a unique high performance cloud-based genomic analysis platform that enables efficient and affordable processing, and insight generation from ever-increasing genomic data.

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Valerie Morel

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