Bluebee offers a unique high performance cloud-based genomic analysis platform that enables efficient and affordable processing and insight generation from the ever-increasing genomic data.

The private cloud-based, robust and scalable Bluebee genomics platform offers high-speed, configurable data analysis in private, secured local data centers that meet or exceed organizational and geographical data protection requirements.

Robust and scalable

With ultra-fast processing and unlimited scalability, via a combination of accelerated computing and the use of large-scale distributed computer clusters, the platform can manage any sequence data throughput.

  • Scale your data analysis to your needs and not vice versa
  • Use external infrastructure to increase your internal throughput
  • Optimize and accelerate your internally developed proprietary analysis pipelines
  • Ensure timely delivery of quality sequence analysis results to your customers

Highly secured

The platform’s unconditional, multi-layered security encompasses all activities related to data manipulation, whether it is transmitting, storing, or processing data.

  • Remain confident that your data is encrypted at every stage
  • Control access to data and analysis via fine-grained access permissions
  • Track all activities via audit log and data provenance oversight
  • Benefit from, a fully controlled system with 24/7 monitoring

Compliant with local and global data protection requirements

Unprecedented security mechanisms include guaranteed local data processing via “Data Residency Control” in state-of- the art data centers across The Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific preventing data from leaving the region. Adherence to both European and US compliance standards is guaranteed.

  • Take advantage of complete digital data signing of all sensitive data
  • Comply with ISO 27001, HIPAA, EU Model Clauses, and country specific regulations when processing confidential patient and human genome data
  • Meet regulatory requirements with complete audit trailing


The Bluebee platform is ideal for team-based genomic research and for the collaborative exchange of analyzed genomics data with both internal and external customers. Designed for secure data access, transfer and exchange, the platform supports sequencing workflows and business objectives.

  • Share raw sequence data and analysis results with your internal collaborators or external customers, within a unified, controlled system
  • Build custom analysis pipelines and share with users of all expertise levels
  • Control access to data and analysis via sophisticated access permissions
  • Perform cross-border collaboration while strictly adhering to local data 
residency demands


The Bluebee Genomics Platform supports an entire team in processing, managing, and sharing sequence data and correlating activities. The platform fully supports any type of bioinformatics workflows enabling customization, development and optimization of preconfigured pipelines and proprietary in-house pipelines via numerous analysis tools.

  • Build custom analysis pipelines and share with non-expert users
  • Circumvent the analysis bottleneck and expedite insight discovery with optimized gold-standard pipelines
  • Enhance your internally developed and proprietary analysis pipelines
  • Allow analysis execution by any team member via the intuitive user interface


We work with an all-in price per sample without upfront investment. The solution includes a detailed cost management and reporting system for budget allocation as well as internal and external user payment requests. With predictable costs, an entire organization can deliver results on time and within budget.

  • Eliminate the time and capital expenditure needed to create and maintain in-house clusters
  • Pay only per run with no surprise costs
  • Define retention profiles to keep storage costs under control
  • Control bioinformatics cost and dependency
  • Manage your internal budget and customer-related expenses within one system