Efficient and affordable insight generation from the ever-increasing genomic data.

The Bluebee Solution

The cloud-based, robust and scalable Bluebee genomics platform offers high-speed, configurable data analysis in private, secured local data centers that meet or exceed organizational and geographical data protection requirements. Whether an individual user or a high-throughput lab, Bluebee guarantees rapid onboarding via a simple interface, regardless of the user’s data analysis experience.

Start quickly

Guaranteed reliable, accessible data analysis via an intuitive and optimized user-interface tailored to team members with different levels of data analysis experience.

On-demand access to compute infrastructure in combination with ultra-fast data analysis via hybrid-core computing processors allows for immediate data processing.

Immediately access analysis pipelines

Various readily available, analysis pipelines simplify start-up or kick-start further customization.

An extensive library of data analysis tools and pipelines, including DNA and RNA sequencing, cancer analysis, metagenomics, and de novo assembly support numerous applications.

Lift-over proprietary analysis pipelines

A convenient, guided migration of existing internal and proprietary analysis pipelines and tools onto the platform by the Bluebee team enables capitalization on pre-existing investments.

The advanced security framework supports the hosting of IP protected tools, scripts, and pipelines.

Expert level access to the Bluebee platform

Use our intuitive, yet powerful, web application to manage and version your pipelines and reference data, create projects and connect your sequencers. Automate your workflows and data analysis projects.

Invite collaborators or customers to your projects using our fine-grained security profiles.

The days of shipping hard drives are definitely over.

Customized solutions

Use our extensive API library to build customized solutions on top of our platform, to integrate with your LIMS system or your customer delivery portal.

As an additional service, we can build custom white-labeled web solutions that allow you to roll-out end-user reporting all the way from your customer to the ordering physician.

Benefit from your Bluebee support team partnership

Reduce development costs by using our analysis pipeline lift-over, and benefit from our expertise to optimize and accelerate your internally developed and proprietary analysis pipelines.

Our customer care team is available via integrated online help and ticketing system.

Dr. Oliver Dittrich-Breiholz, Hannover Medical School, Head of the Research Core Unit Transcriptomics

“A platform that is straightforward, intuitive, and requires little to no training by experts is of utmost importance.”

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