Achieve fast and accurate diagnosis through best practice automation with our clinical grade platform

Clinical Labs

With a strong focus on delivering fast and accurate results, Bluebee helps clinical labs and hospitals to execute on the promise of precision medicine and to reduce time-to-diagnosis.

High performance

Bluebee’s unique private cloud based accelerated genomics platform enables fast, efficient and affordable processing of large volumes of genomics data. With Bluebee’s acceleration, diagnostic pipelines run orders of magnitude faster without compromising the algorithms and methods used, nor the accuracy required for patient diagnosis.

End-to-end automation

Maximum lab efficiency is achieved through end-to-end automation, your sequencers connect securely to Bluebee’s supercomputing clusters that run in private cloud data centers. Once the analysis is complete, data is sent back in an automated way for clinical interpretation. Bluebee offers the required API’s to integrate with your LIMS.

Local data processing

Bluebee operates in globally distributed high-performance computing centers (we have local datacenters in all major European countries, in the US and in Asia). Processing and storage of the genomics data are contractually guaranteed in the region of your choice through “Data Residency Control”. This control is essential to comply with local regulatory requirements stating genomics data can not leave the country and to operate according to local data privacy regulations.

“Bluebee’s pricing structure is sample based and adapted for use in the clinic.  The solution caters for individual selection of highly prioritized runs for specific urgent diagnosis, with guaranteed turnaround time.”