Extend your offering and grow your business, while keeping everything fully under control.

Sequencing service providers

By choosing the right NGS bioinformatics partner, sequencing service providers are able to extend their offering, grow their business and differentiate from the competition.  White labelling is available.

High performance

Bluebee’s unique private cloud based accelerated genomics platform enables secure, fast, efficient and affordable processing of large volumes of genomics data. With Bluebee’s acceleration, bioinformatics pipelines run orders of magnitude faster without compromising the algorithms and methods used, nor the accuracy required for patient diagnosis.

Flexible configuration

Pipelines can be configured either through the web interface in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, by way of scripting or API’s.  Pipeline cataloguing, cloning and version control give you all the tools you need to manage the requests coming from your customers in a flexible way.  Ready to use reference pipelines and peer-validated pipelines allow you to get started with very limited set-up and configuration.

True partnership

We are open to co-branding or even full white labeling so you can give your customers access to their results online, while preserving the relationship with them as well as your brand identity.

“Bluebee’s pricing structure is sample based, we know your margins are tight and we are convinced we are very competitive. We can help you deliver a better service and grow your business while keeping costs predictable and in pace.”