BLUEBASE is powering genomic data volume to value.


BLUEBASE is a complete knowledge discovery and management solution designed to transform next-generation sequencing (NGS) and metadata into actionable knowledge with efficiency and clinical-grade security. BLUEBASE runs within the Bluebee core data analysis platform.

BLUEBASE Knowledge Management for Genomics

  • Intelligent data aggregation.
  • Flexible, user-defined data models and querying.
  • Deep knowledge mining.
  • Efficiency in realizing clinically-relevant knowledge from genomic data and metadata.


Biopharmaceutical companies can build proprietary genomic databases integrated with public and private genomic-related or curated content, such as publications, annotations, variant datasets, clinical trials, and pathways. Multi-site or decentralized clinical trials can be managed centrally within the core Bluebee platform including BLUEBASE.


Molecular diagnostic assay developers can accumulate large datasets that can be securely uploaded and mined for data-driven improvements to the genomic assay, the end-to-end solution, or to the diagnostic reports. Anonymous and de-identified data mining is accessible and controlled in a centralized manner with BLUEBASE.


Population-scale genomics research initiatives achieve storage and analysis of extensive national and international genomics datasets while remaining compliant and secure. Population-scale genomic analyses are compatible with any analytical and data management requirements, scalable for maximum efficiency, and accessible in a permission-controlled environment with BLUEBASE.

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