Share data and collaborate within and across organizations and with customers within a secure and unified environment


The Bluebee platform is ideal for team-based genomic research and for collaborative exchange of analyzed genomics data with both internal and external customers. Designed for secure data access, transfer, and exchange, the platform supports sequencing workflows and business objectives.

The Bluebee Genomics Platform is designed for team-based genomic research in academia and pharma, clinical data sharing in diagnostics, and collaborative exchange and sharing of analyzed genomics data with internal and external customers.

The platform is tailored to multi-user type teams with different levels of data analysis experience, designed for secure data access, transfer, and exchange, and supports sequencing provider workflows.

Data collaboration and sharing is not limited to local public clouds, but rather is supported via multi-location private clouds with built-in “Data Residency Control” and compliance requirements.

  • Share raw sequence data and analysis results with your internal collaborators or external customers, within a unified, controlled system
  • Build custom analysis pipelines and share with users of all expertise levels
  • Expedite results delivery in a concise, comprehensive, and standardized form
  • Control access to data and analysis via sophisticated access permissions
  • Integrate with LIMS systems, white-labeled web, and device applications
  • Perform cross-border collaboration while strictly adhering to local data residency demands

Dr. Benedikt Brors, Head of the Division Applied Bioinformatics at DKFZ

“Standardization in tools and pipelines is key in international collaboration projects and that would be lost if each would go its own way”

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