Easy to use by your entire team.


Migrating to Bluebee‘s highly secured private cloud solution is easy, our expert teams are available to enable rapid on-boarding and hand-held migration of your existing genomic pipelines.

For the bioinformatician

  • The platform contains a large library of bioinformatics tools and components, allowing users to configure their own pipelines.
  • Free choice of public and/or accelerated and/or proprietary algorithms, 100% open and transparent, maintained and versioned.
  • Pipelines can be configured through the web portal in an intuitive and easy to use interface, by way of scripting or API’s.
  • Ready to use reference pipelines and peer-validated pipelines get you started with very limited set-up and configuration.
  • Version management allows you to track all changes and to replay and roll-back where and when desired.
  • The sequencer connects directly to Bluebee.  Data is uploaded automatically as soon as the sequencer is ready. Once the analysis is complete, data is sent back in an automated way for further use and interpretation. No manual intervention is required.
  • While a pipeline is being executed, you can easily track information on the processing dashboards, alerts notify you when processing is ready or intervention is required.
  • Multi QC integration aggregates results from your bioinformatics analyses across many samples into a single report.

For the project owner

  • Benefit from a no surprises, all-in fee per sample.
  • Unlimited up-scaling of your compute and storage capacity is achieved through on-the-fly provisioning of computational and data storage capacity. This is taken care of by Bluebee, no customer action required.
  • Manage users in a convenient way, add, remove, assign roles and link them to projects.
  • Easily define if data needs to be stored on the platform and for how long.
  • Manage your budget in real-time through the user interface.
  • The platform can be accessed securely from anywhere, even on a mobile device.

Good science

It is Bluebee’s belief that the need for faster and cheaper analytics should not be addressed by using short-cut algorithms. Good science remains essential. With Bluebee it is perfectly feasible to continue using gold-standard algorithms such as GATK or BWA, to obtain high sensitivity and specificity while still achieving unparalleled throughput objectives.

Dr. Benedikt Brors, Head of the Division Applied Bioinformatics at DKFZ

“Standardization in the alignment pipelines is key in international collaboration projects and that would be lost if each would go its own way; we need full insight in the algorithm as it is a question of trust and scientific validation.”

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