Your integrated data solution

Accelerating your market growth with a sample-to-results assay offering.

The Challenge

Assay kit manufacturers require a robust, dependable and compliant data processing platform in order to offer a turnkey integrated assay through data analysis solution. Analysis integration serves goals related to end user enablement and growth– to maximize customer success and market growth potential.

The BlueBee Solution

As a fit-for-purpose data solutions partner, BlueBee provides a secure and configurable data platform that is designed to meet the clinical, scientific and business end goals of diagnostic and research assay manufacturers. To provide your customers with the most seamless and comprehensive next-generation sequencing (NGS) assay experience, your proprietary or public analytical pipelines are migrated to and optimized on the BlueBee Genomics Platform.

Rather than letting our users figure it out themselves and struggling with the data analysis aspect, we decided to use BlueBee’s genomics platform. The result is a seamless end-to-end solution, which provides tremendous value to our customers.

Dr. Dalia Daujotyte

Chief Commercial Officer

The BlueBee Genomics Platform offers a fully customizable data solution—complete turnkey or backend platform. BlueBee solutions serve NGS secondary data analysis through your custom clinical or research report generation. Secure and user-controlled data distribution, collaboration, data and knowledge management are built in for you to include as value additions to your customer, virtually eliminating all data-related barriers to using your technology.

As a BlueBee partner, you are equipped with a user-friendly interface that is highly customizable to precisely match your assay and your brand. Business optimization features are built into your BlueBee solution, including usage insights and process management for your business advantage– anticipate support resources, monitor assay QC performance of all runs globally, and more accurately forecast your assay sales based on BlueBee analysis “activation code” consumption patterns. We also provide a complete end user support suite for your customers, including triaged global response so that your customers experience best-in-class support anywhere in the world.

BlueBee supports a white label option for your assay’s custom analysis solution. This option is compatible with your own brand, logo and identity, allowing your customers to associate your BlueBee solution with you. All customer facing interfaces and reports reflect your brand identity.

Through a private cloud and custom solution development service, we support assay manufacturers with best in class integrated analysis solutions. In turn, you serve your end users in clinical diagnostics, therapeutics and research with advanced assay through analytics and data solutions.

  • Reach new markets with an “all-in-one” solution from samples to analyzed data delivered via customizable reports.
  • Accelerate your go-to-market by removing analysis barriers for your assay kit customers.
  • Deliver quality assurance with your assay kit.
  • Provide a secure and compliant data environment for sample analysis with your assay.
  • Lock pipelines and provide audit trails for diagnostic deployment.
  • Reduce technical data analysis support for your assay kit customers.

The BlueBee Advantage

A partnership with BlueBee empowers your brand while providing your customers with high-performance data analysis, actionable reporting, and even higher confidence with your assay product. Offer your customers an integrated assay-through-analysis kit and achieve faster market penetration with a solution that adds value to your brand. BlueBee’s analysis and data storage capabilities makes your client’s data tangible and actionable, generating enhanced value from genomics and from your brand.

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