Accelerating Cancer Diagnostics Pipelines Using Technologies of OpenPOWER

Accelerating cancer diagnostics pipelines using technologies of openpower 700x396

Zaid Al-Ars, co-founder and scientific advisor of BlueBee presented the developments made in the Personalized Medicine Workgroup he chairs at the OpenPOWER Summit 2016 on 6th April in San Jose, CA.

In this talk, he presented the collaborative effort by a number of OpenPOWER members, coordinated by the PersMed workgroup, to bring together various technologies from IBM, Xilinx, Nvidia, Nallatech, BlueBee and others, to accelerate the well-known Broad Best Practices pipeline (BWA/GATK), widely used for whole genome sequencing based diagnostics. The talk discusses software as well as hardware improvements to the pipeline, increasing the speed of various components by a factor ranging from 2x up to 50x. The presentation also shows how these improvements can help reduce the time to diagnosis as well as help diagnose more patients in a clinical environment."

The whole presentation is available in a video format here.