Another Information-Rich AACR Meeting is Over – Many Insights on Advancing Cancer Research Gained


This year’s AACR meeting achieved record attendance with more than 21,900 researchers, physicians, and commercial providers gathering in Washington DC for the annual event. What an exciting meeting, filled with innovative science and optimism for the field’s future. Cancer research is a vast and complex undertaking that involves researchers from many different disciplines and across many different industry sectors including academia, government, pharma, commercial, or the regulatory sector.

As pointed out by the most prominent attendee, former vice president Joe Biden:

"we don’t have all the answers yet, but we possess the potential to generate the answers and I see the day where prevention is more effective and cancer care is more personalized."

Clearly, many new insights were gained since last year’s conference with significant advances in cancer research effectively showcased at this conference. Among the highlights are genome sequencing projects which form the basis for major contributions to the success of personalized cancer treatment. To achieve sustained success though, we have to make sequencing projects more inclusive for underrepresented populations, a theme echoed throughout the conference. This points to the relevance of larger population projects or longitudinally linked samples for understanding/predicting past/future therapeutic responses which is of course tightly linked to the known challenges of data storage, data management, and data security. This is where BlueBee comes in with its high performance, secure computing and DNA data storage infrastructure.

If you missed the conference and thus a chance to talk to us directly at AACR, don’t despair: it’s not too late to learn about the BlueBee Genomics Platform, and its capabilities to process, manage, and store sequence data securely and within a collaboration-friendly environment to further your research.

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Last but no least we also would like to congratulate Dr. Kiran Velpula, Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, for winning BlueBee’s DJI Mavic Pro Drone raffle - safe flying!

Author: Ari Kiirikki