Big turnout for our Personalized Medicine workshop hosted in conjunction with IBM and OpenPOWER

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On the eve of the Supercomputing conference SC15, the OpenPOWER Foundation, IBM and BlueBee co-hosted a workshop on Personalized Medicine in Austin, TX.

The OpenPOWER Personalized Medicine Workshop reached out to the key players and stakeholders in the genomics field, to spur discussion, identify current trends and chart future challenges and opportunities.

After the September announcement that BlueBee co-founder and scientific advisor Dr. Zaid Al-Ars was nominated chairman of the OpenPOWER Personalized Medicine Workgroup, the idea of organizing the workshop took shape. Hosted at the IBM site in Austin, we brought together eight key expert speakers from the fields of Genomics, Personalized Medicine, and High-Performance Computing, representing the 3 core groups for the workshop: developers of analysis pipelines, users of the pipelines and pipeline facilitators. The workshop featured talks and panel discussions focused on different aspects

  • computational bottlenecks for processing genomics information
  • practical tools in the medical domain
  • creating effective genomics computational solutions
  • discuss current trends and prepare for future challenge

The day was concluded by a Texas BBQ dinner with all speakers and delegates.