BlueBee adds NEN 7510:2011 Certification to its Security Portfolio

Blue Bee gets NEN Certified 800x800

The security of BlueBee’s customer data is a priority highlighted by the recent NEN 7510:2011 certification, and demonstrates the company's continued strive for security compliance and excellence in handling healthcare data.

The NEN 7510:2011 standard is the Dutch standard detailing requirements on information security for organizations processing and managing patient data. Required by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VMS) the standard is based on the ISO 27001:2005 controls with an additional focus on patient health information.

The scope of BlueBee’s NEN 7510:2011 certification mirrors the scope of its ISO 27001:2013: which includes development management and support of cloud-based genomics analysis platform for processing of large volumes of sequence data. BlueBee's certification will be annually reviewed to ensure compliance with its technical, organizational and procedural processes.

The NEN 7510 certificate is an independent proof that the processes, procedures, and documentation for data security followed by BlueBee have been critically reviewed by an external body.

Having the NEN 7510 certification highlights BlueBee’s commitment to security and compliance and further demonstrates our ability to comply with local regulations.

Sophia Kankuah
Compliance Officer at BlueBee

The latest achievement adds a key certificate alongside BlueBee's extensive security portfolio: ISO 27001:2013, HIPAA (US) compliance, Information Governance Toolkit (NHS, UK) certification, CSA and others mentioned in our security white paper.

More details can be found in the BlueBee Security & Compliance Whitepaper.