BlueBee Compliance Officer invited to be part of Data Protection and GDPR panel

SK at GDPR 800x800

On 7th March 2017, BlueBee Compliance Officer, Sophia Kankuah was one of the panellists at the Data Protection & GDPR conference that took place in Antwerp, Belgium.

BlueBee, is a provider of a private cloud-based accelerated genomics platform with state-of-the-art data security and regulatory compliance. Sophia shared her experience about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The panel discussed important aspects of the new regulation including its impact on cloud providers, the role of the Data Protection Officer, the requirements for data processing records, and the methodology for the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

Given the amount of uncertainty regarding the interpretation of GDPR, the audience were keen to hear how companies are approaching functional aspects of the regulation from a practical perspective.

The panel was led by Philippe de Picker, Board Member ISACA Belgium, and fellow panel members included Jean-Pierre Bernaerts, CIO Invader and Sandra Vanvoorden, Compliance Officer, Baloise Insurance.

With BlueBee’s experience implementing ISO 27001, HIPAA (US) and IGT (UK), Sophia was well positioned to share its understanding and approach to the new regulation. Furthermore, as a data processor under the GDPR, BlueBee demonstrated that it’s willing to play an active part in GDPR compliance by assisting data controllers (i.e. BlueBee customers) in fulfilling their obligations.

Sophia Kankuah additionally emphasised that BlueBee’s approach to compliance with the GDPR shows its commitment to data protection and security to its customers.

As a data processor under the GDPR, we ensure that privacy by design is at the heart of our genomics platform. Our compliance certifications and unique data residency offering are further evidence of our commitment to data protection and our role of assisting controllers in fulfilment of their obligations.

Sophia Kankuah
BlueBee Compliance Officer