BlueBee Genomics Platform: New Release April 2019

BB Dashboard New release
Written by
Mike Kubal
Snr. Field Applications Scientist at BlueBee

We are excited to announce and support the transition of existing partners to the newest BlueBee Genomics Platform release, 1.10. This latest release, moving forward, is the core technology for all partner BlueBee data solutions.

Feedback from the BlueBee partner and larger community provided valuable feedback informing the latest BlueBee release.

Requirements defined for the release 1.10 design and development:

  • 360° view of all end user activity, globally, from a single dashboard to provide commercial and operational intelligence
  • A bridge between development and production for updating pipelines
  • Increased administrative features with faster deployments
  • New methods for uploading data to user-defined compute data centers

Now live with the 1.10 release:

  1. 360° View Global Dashboard

Anticipate your user needs and respond proactively. Real-time, configurable dashboard of all global operations and run metrics. This is now available to all BlueBee partners.

  1. Pipeline Editor

Pipeline editor serves for pre-production mode editing and testing. Configure with CWL or utilize the graphical user interface.

  1. Partner Empowerment

Administrative features are now tightly integrated into the core platform, thereby accelerating even more robust solutions. End user messaging, end user support ticketing, user documentation updates, and account management and settings are included.

  1. Multiple Data Input Sources for Convenience

In addition to the existing BlueBee Connector, data may be imported to BlueBee using these options:

  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Amazon S3 Buckets
  • Drag and drop from your browser
  • Illumina BaseSpace

To learn more about your transition to the new release or for more information and a demo, drop as an email for a discussion and more information.

Compatible with BlueBase for Data Aggregation and Knowledge Mining

This release, like all BlueBee data solutions, seamlessly integrates BlueBee's knowledge management solution, BlueBase. BlueBase is your dedicated data warehouse for data and metadata aggregation, querying and collaboration, to learn and improve from your accumulated scientific and performance data over time. If you have yet to experience a view of BlueBase, please drop us a line and we will tailor a demo to your use cases or vision for data mining and knowledge aggregation.

Thank you to the BlueBee Community

Your feedback is always welcomed and valued as we plan our release roadmap, in continued service to our partners and the genomics community at large. Drop us a line anytime.