ECCB 2016 Sum Up

ECCB16 sumup 800x800

The BlueBee team attended the 15th European Conference on Computational Biology in The Hague, September 3-7 2016.

This has been a fantastic combination of cutting edge keynote presentations from prestigious institutions around the world, and parallel tracks focusing on various themes (Genomes, Systems, Data, Applications and others).

A remarkable amount of effort is being provided by the Elixir European initiative, as was reflected by the numerous presentations and posters contributed from various nodes. This ambitious project aims at enhancing integration and coordination of Bioinformatics resources across member states, with positive effects already clearly visible in terms of federating resources and sharing data, tools and best practices.

Among the recurrent themes discussed during the event, we can highlight the will to rethink the way NGS data is processed during mapping and variant calling. Several teams are working on innovative ways to either speed up or improve the accuracy and robustness of these steps. Groundbreaking work in the area of genome graph was presented by keynote speaker Benedict Paten from UC Santa Cruz.

Another important topic was the need to share genomic and clinically relevant data throughout the research community, while at the same time ensure the preservation of data privacy, security and integrity. Large scale projects such as the Cancer Moonshot Program, but also national healthcare networks, require increasingly efficient and secure analytics and integration solutions.

In this regard, the presentation of the BlueBee platform given by co-founder Zaid Al-Ars was well attended and showed how we can address some of the most important aspects of current NGS analytics bottlenecks: high performance, cost-efficiency, security, sharing and collaboration flexibility!

If you are interested to schedule a demo to try our platform, our experts will be available.