England Reaches a Genomics Milestone with Routine DNA testing Across the Country

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A huge leap forward has occurred in precision medicine: NHS cancer and other disease patients in England will be offered routine genomic testing starting as early as October of this year. This is the first health service of this kind, being offered in the world and is being built on the foundation laid by the 100K Genomes Project. This is great news for the people in England, especially for cancer patients, as all tumors will be screened for key mutations with the goal to point physicians towards the best treatment. In addition to enabling improved and targeted drug treatment, this testing will generate large volumes of genomic data which will become invaluable for both cancer and other disease research – in short, this data will have a significant impact on better patient care and on the future of precision medicine.

We at BlueBee all very excited about this major milestone initiative as it aligns with BlueBee’s vision to bring genomics into the clinic by supporting genomics medicine as part of the standard practice of medical care.

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