ESHG 2016 Sum Up

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The BlueBee team participated in the annual European Society of Human Genetics in Barcelona, 21st- 24th May, 2016.

Our team exhibited at booth 343, where we had numerous of interesting discussions with researchers, lab managers, and commercial directors. All professionals had the same goal: further unlock the huge potential of genetics.

Many initiatives were presented at the conference. Those ranged from improving science (e.g. accuracy, standardization) to diagnostic approaches (e.g. Non Invasive prenatal Testing (NIPT)) to technology (e.g. NGS sequence platforms). Our Head of Product Management, Dr. Marc Hogenbirk, attended ESHG not only to explain to attendees how BlueBee IT service can facilitate a wide range of those initiatives but also to identify generic drivers of the NGS market.

The congress nicely exposed that NGS-based approaches are increasingly finding their way into the clinic. NIPT tests, for example, were extensively discussed in the context of macroeconomics and country-specific policies. The NIPT stream also included interesting talks and discussions on scientific accuracy and cost-effectiveness of WES compared to WGS. Consensus was reached that WES will definitely be replaced by WGS in the nearby future.

During the conference, researchers and clinicians were further exploring effective ways to improve genome analyses to provide more accurate results faster. Where primary NGS analysis is performed by Illumina, Roche, Thermo Fisher and PacBio sequence platforms, BlueBee positions right at the heart of the secondary analysis.

BlueBee was on the radars of many attendees as our convenient and robust IT service deals with many computational bottlenecks associated with secondary analysis. Demos given at our booth also showed how the BlueBee service instantly enables its users to industrialize NGS pipelines without the investment of setting up an in-house compute cluster.

Our readily available pipelines for WES, WGS and RNASeq pipelines caught a lot of attention and the user convenience, international collaborations, and performance capabilities of our service were features further highlighted.

On 29th June, Marc will be presenting at the Festival of Genomics in Boston in the Cancer Genomics stream where you can have a further insight into our services.

Other key announcements made at the ESHG2016 are mentioned here.