Eurotech-Computers partners with BlueBee

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Eurotech-Computers partners with BlueBee to expand their offering in the life sciences sector. BlueBee’s HPC-based genomics analysis platform fits perfectly with the Eurotech partner portfolio, consisting of some of the most respected and innovative companies in the industry. BlueBee’s private cloud-based and accelerated genomics analysis platform enables fast, efficient, compliant and affordable processing of large volumes of genome data. The essence of the BlueBee solution lies within its high-performance infrastructure with multi-layered security.

By becoming part of the High Performance Computing solutions suite offered by Eurotech, BlueBee is on the right track for providing the fine balance between innovative technology and scientific excellence.

BlueBee is pleased to partner with Eurotech. Genetic analyses are continuously improving and sequencing is getting cheaper, but scaling-up for analysis of mass genome data remains a bottleneck. With this partnership we believe we can mutually strengthen our offering in the market.

Sham Naal
Director Business Development at BlueBee

About Eurotech-Computers

Eurotech is a leading provider of a broad spectrum of IT solutions and services to clients across EMEA. With offices in England, Scotland, Norway and South Africa. Eurotech succeeded in striking the right balance between innovative technology and specialist solutions to deliver the performance, reduced TCO and capacity that clients demand.

Company core skills are in High-Performance Computing, High-Throughput Storage, Hyper-converged Infrastructure, NAS optimisation, Cloud Storage, Virtualisation and all the networking, hardware, software and security components needed to bind all of these technologies together into an IT solution.