IBM Power Systems Workshop on High Throughput Sequencing

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It was a wonderful opportunity for us to be part of this workshop in Barcelona, Spain earlier this week. Organized by the IBM Power Systems' team more than 60 attendees were treated to numerous presentations, resulting in a wealth of information sharing.

After a kind welcome by Miguel Muños of the local IBM team, Ana Ripoll, president of Bioinformatics Barcelona set the scene on the growing challenge of data analytics as sequencing volumes increase, and on the associated opportunities for a more effective healthcare system. Ana hereby highlighted the need for cross-industry collaboration and how the BIB plays a role here.

Janis Landry-Lane, Genomics Global Sales Executive at IBM presented a holistic approach on how to achieve ‘speed to result’, not only in genomics, by breaking down silos and combining data. Janis shared with us a number of customer cases and testimonials on how to achieve acceleration on a system level. Needless to say the presentation was much appreciated by the audience.

Jordi Caubert, IBM took us for a deep dive on the IBM reference architecture for Genomics, followed by some truly innovative concepts presented by start-up Made of Genes’ CEO Oscar Flores (one to watch!), and IBM Watson consultant Sarai Gámez.

After a networking break Illumina account manager Laurent Spiess gave us a comprehensive overview of Illumina’s informatics offering, as well as a demo of the latest developments on cohort analysis.

BlueBee’s CMO Valerie Morel zoomed into two key aspects of the BlueBee offering, and shared the results of the DKFZ benchmark performed on Power at DKFZ in Heidelberg. As secure data sharing and controlled collaboration are hot topics these days at any conference, Valerie elaborated on the prerequisites for data sharing: data ownership, data locality and data retention as precursors for controlled data sharing.