Our First AGBT Attendance Was Fantastic

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Looking back on the annual Advances in Genome Biology & Technology (AGBT) conference, held this year at Hollywood Beach, I must conclude I had an amazing time at this very unique event. The scientific talks were of top caliber and the networking opportunities over lunch and drinks were most valuable. I learned first-hands about the needs of the scientific and medical community, and what we as a product provider can do to meet those needs. At the same time, it was very rewarding to realize that BlueBee is bringing forward a solution that is addressing most - if not all - of the requirements the community has been voicing.

In many of the talks and discussions, the sequencing applications in research and clinic settings were front and center. Not only have the data sets been increasing considerably in size, but also the learnings have been keeping pace offering exciting insights.

The different applications presented ranged from clinical sequencing to epigenetic to microbiome studies. Here is a sampling: (1) Emma Teeling offered an in-depth look into applying cutting edge technology to understand longevity in bats; (2) Daniel MacArthur provided some detailed overview on the ExAC (Exome Aggregation Consortium) and genomAD (Genome Aggregation Database) and their value to science; (3) Chris Mason captivated the audience with an update on the Twins Study; and (4) Eddy Rubin discussed the Global Virome Project, its aim, cost, and why we need to think proactively now and not only respond once an epidemic is under way.

While, in previous years the focus was moving almost exclusively towards technology advancements and data interpretation, this year we could sense a mix that, in addition to data analysis and interpretation included sample preparation improvements and complete solutions. This was also reflected in the variety of vendors that were featured as sponsors at this conference: New England Biolabs, IDT, Roche, Qiagen, Swift Biosciences, and our partner Lexogen, among them. It was particularly exciting for me to attend Lexogen’s talk by Lukas Paul who discussed the company’s products including the QuantSeq complete end-to-end solution that simplifies the downstream analysis via the BlueBee Genomics Platform.

Lexogen's presentation at AGBT 2017

It is obvious that many scientists and clinicians are currently facing hurdles in data analysis, and we recognize this as an opportunity to make an impact through informatics innovation. The BlueBee high-performance sequence data platform, which is configured to achieve superior sequence data analysis, with unparalleled processing speeds and scalability, accommodates any sequence data throughput. Rapid onboarding is guaranteed via an intuitive and optimized user interface tailored to users with different levels of data analysis experience across an entire team, thus effectively supporting combined analysis efforts. We have no doubts that, BlueBee with its extensive library of optimized and accelerated industry validated analysis pipelines, including a dashboard for project management, data processing, user access controls, and budget management, is paving the path into a new era of genomics analysis in which infrastructure, workflow, and interpretation options are as seamless and simple as they should be.

Author: Ari Kiirikki, Sales Director for North America.