RNGS17 – Was About Using Sequencing Data to better Understand the Biology behind Disease


The 2nd edition of the Revolutionizing Next-Generation Sequencing conference took place last week in Antwerp, Belgium. This VIB conference has quickly grown into a reputable event with a remarkable set of talks. It is very encouraging to see that this conference – a local one for us - which we sponsored attracted a truly global attendance. Not only did the conference deliver on an excellent set of informative presentations, it also provided an environment for easy networking during the breaks, the poster sessions, the conference dinner, and during the “Meet the Expert” session. And all this in a beautiful room presided by an impressive large whale.

This year’s emerging themes that were well represented throughout the talks included large-scale sequencing applications, single-cell genomics, liquid biopsy, epigenetics, human aging, long read technology and assembly, and the relevant aspect of genomics data analysis. Here are just a few, brief conference highlights: Jurgen Del-Favero (Multiplicom) discussed the future of targeted resequencing via a one-tube target enrichment workflow; Xiaojing Yang (Zymo Research Corporation) whose research focuses on better understanding epigenetics and human aging, is developing a bisulfite sequencing methodology in liquid biopsy samples; Jo Vandesompele (Biogazell) reported on the work towards developing an RNA-capture sequencing application in liquid biopsy samples.

It’s amazing to witness how quickly the field progresses towards uncovering disease mechanisms, explaining the human biology behind phenomena such as aging, or developing new methodologies. All of this fast-paced development results in more data that needs to be managed and analyzed. This is exactly where BlueBee can help, be it in delivering a scalable solution for data analysis that can manage the data waiting to be processed, be it a secure solution that adheres to local requirements, or be it a collaboration-friendly environment that supports cross-institutional and cross-border research collaborations.

Lastly, this year’s meeting coincided with an exciting announcement that further exemplifies BlueBee’s solution in the area of large sequence data management and analysis: BlueBee has been awarded the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Award for its Cloud-based Genomic Solution.

Missed the VIB conference? Contact us to learn about BlueBee’s Genomics Platform or sign up for a trial account now. Alternatively, visit us at our booth at AACR 2017 in Washington DC starting this weekend. For more also read our blog with details about BlueBee’s AACR attendance.