Bring your Genomics Data Analysis Workflow to Life.

Fit-for-purpose. Clinical-grade security. Global data compliance.

Bring your Genomics Data Analysis Workflow to Life.

Fit-for-purpose. Clinical-grade security. Global data compliance.

NGS Genomics Analysis Software

BlueBee is the industry’s configurable, secure, and scalable bioinformatics platform.

The BlueBee Genomics Platform is a private cloud, precision-defined genomics analysis platform that enables fast, efficient, compliant and affordable processing of large volumes of genomic data. This is the core of your unique BlueBee solution, tailored for your diagnostic or research assay or high-throughput clinical genomics or research services laboratory. Create an easy to use, automated data solution to serve your specific genomics or multiomics method or application. We develop your tailored solution in partnership with you and with full transparency.

BlueBee operates secure and compliant data centers globally with data residency defined and guaranteed for you. Beyond routine data analysis for individual sample workflows, BlueBee enables you to learn from routine testing, gaining insights and new knowledge from your accumulated data.

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High-performance computing with ease of use

Routine analysis through insight generation

Future-proof and flexible on all levels

All-in-one solution priced per sample

Compatible and Configurable

Technology agnostic, compatible with any genomics or multiomics platform and application. Any next-generation sequencing method may be served– whole genome sequencing (WGS), whole exome sequencing (WES), copy number and structural rearrangements, RNA-Seq, targeted DNA and RNA panels, single-cell analysis, and any other assay method run as a standardized workflow.

An extensive library of reference data analysis pipelines from BlueBee may be leveraged as an efficient base to configure your optimized data solution. Alternatively, you may lift over your existing data pipeline, public or proprietary, onto the BlueBee Genomics Platform.

BlueBee is open and compatible with technology integrations, such as LIMS, interpretation tools and more. Private cloud and other infrastructure options and data residency are under your control. You control your BlueBee solution. The BlueBee Genomics Platform is configured to work for you.

  • Compatible with any next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform, application and method.
  • Define where your data is stored and processed with BlueBee’s data residency guarantee.
  • Integrate LIMS or other technologies.
  • Future-proof your genomics data solution with flexibility. Edit pipelines, integrations, report templates and more as your needs evolve over time.


Benefit from the latest high-performance computing (HPC) developments without the cost of infrastructure or traditional software. Through a combination of accelerated computing and the use of large-scale distributed computer clusters, the BlueBee Genomics Platform guarantees performance, throughput capacity and analysis time. Based on your demand and your specific analysis pipeline, BlueBee will automatically configure and provision the appropriate compute clusters. Users only need to indicate the turnaround time they wish to see applied to their pipeline runs.

  • Scale your data analysis to your needs and not vice versa.
  • Optimize and accelerate your internally developed proprietary analysis pipelines.

Secure and Globally Compliant

Security is at the core of BlueBee. The BlueBee Genomics Platform has been designed from the bottom up with confidential patient information in mind using multi-layered data security. The result is an environment that covers the strictest of security controls. The combination of private cloud infrastructure, platform controls, data encryption at all stages and certified compliance allows BlueBee to meet the demanding requirements of customers working with patient-derived NGS data and other sensitive data types. BlueBee holds ISO certificates in Medical Devices Quality Management Systems (ISO 13485), Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001) and Information Security Management in Healthcare Standard in The Netherlands (NEN 7510). BlueBee is HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA, PIPEDA, IGSOC, CSA, Information Governance Toolkit (UK) and the EU Data Protection Directive compliant.

  • Remain confident that your data is encrypted at every stage.
  • Control access to data and analysis via fine-grained access permissions.
  • Track all activities via audit log and data provenance oversight.
  • Rest assured with a fully controlled system with 24/7 monitoring.
  • Take advantage of complete digital data signing of all sensitive data.
  • Meet regulatory requirements with a complete audit trail.

Centralized to Connect and Deliver

Share data and results efficiently and securely with your clinical stakeholders– pathologists, genetic counsellors, clinicians, clinical trial sponsors, partners, and others you authorize. The BlueBee platform is designed for cross-functional networks of users to connect per project, exchange reports, data files and communications with expedience and under your control. Collaborate with both internal and external customers and stakeholders. Designed for secure data access, transfer, and exchange, the platform supports clinical, large-scale research, population genomics workflows and business objectives.

  • Share raw sequence data and analysis results with your internal collaborators or external customers, within a unified, controlled system.
  • Build custom analysis pipelines and share with users of all expertise levels.
  • Control access to data and analysis via sophisticated access permissions.
  • Integrate with LIMS systems, white-labeled web, and device applications.
  • Perform cross-border collaboration while adhering to local data residency demands.


The BlueBee Genomics Platform enables routine sample analysis through complete knowledge management. With this, BlueBee empowers diagnostic assay or kit developers and clinical research labs to aggregate, manage, explore and discover new insights from vast datasets. Thus, your data solution enables you to learn from data produced by routine genomics analysis. Easily aggregate data and mine across any size data set comprised of a variety of data types. Enrich data with additional annotation sources. Generate new insights and clinically relevant knowledge.

  • Sequence and analyze any number of individual samples.
  • Aggregate any size of data.
  • Add and connect annotations, metadata, patient data and other data types.
  • Query across all data for clinically, scientifically and performance-relevant knowledge.
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