Hannover Medical School Case Study

Understanding how the genome is transcribed in different cell types and what changes occur when cells undergo a biological or chemical treatment leads to better insights into biology, the underpinnings of a particular disease, and possibly the success of a specific drug treatment.

Lexogen Case Study

Partnering with BlueBee, brings Lexogen closer to its “seamless end-to-end” approach to extract meaning from all RNA data in a smooth regimen often comprised of discrete steps involving resources that previously have not been accessible to all researchers.

Aspera Case Study

BlueBee’s unique cloud-based accelerated genomics analysis platform combines best-in-class tools with a high-performance computational engine to enable efficient processing and fast, affordable diagnostics for hospitals, research centers and other clients.

DKFZ Case Study

The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, Germany is one of the largest data analysis centres in the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC). DKFZ takes on the challenge of sequencing tumour samples to find mutated regions in the patient’s cancer genomes which can be targeted more efficiently with available

BlueBee Genomics Platform Data Security and Compliance

This document details how BlueBee ensures its clients’ compliance with data protection and security requirements when using the BlueBee cloud-based accelerated genomics analysis platform to enable fast, efficient, and affordable processing of large volumes of clinical sequence data.

BlueBee Genomics Platform Overview

In this document, we will provide an overview of the solution architecture, this includes an overview of the data flows, security measures, data locality and compliance.
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