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Progress in precision medicine and scientific research do not occur on their own. Symbiotic partnerships that span domains and industries are critical. Our customer relationships are long-term and include dedicated, transparent and continuous support. To achieve precisely the optimized data solution based on your needs, we customize each solution on three levels: technological, scientific and service. We ensure the success of your genomics data analysis solution and are here for you when your needs evolve. You own your BlueBee solution and all data is kept private, with you in control. Our solutions work for you (and not the other way around).

Project process:

Most BlueBee solutions are ready for deployment in 6-12 weeks.

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BlueBee Genomics Data Analysis: Secure, Globally Compliant & Scalable

Keep your internal resources focused on your core technology

Bring your solution to market or to your laboratory faster

Leverage the core BlueBee Genomics Platform as a future-proof framework for your solution

Tap into cross-functional BlueBee expertise, spanning genomics, bioinformatics, IT and commercial

Project Manager

Your project manager is accountable for the success of your BlueBee project. All sides align on the same goal—to develop your best, customized BlueBee genomics data analysis solution, meeting requirements and on time. Your project manager works with you to clearly define the project, build the comprehensive work plan and ensure the teams adhere to timelines and budget. Most BlueBee solutions are ready for deployment in 6-12 weeks. BlueBee solution require a nominal set-up fee only, typically fitting into a price per sample model to avoid an upfront cost burden. Your relationship with your project manager does not end at deployment. We are connected for the long-term to address any support needs or to expand your solution to new assays or new analytical pipelines.

Lead Developer

Your lead developer works cross-functionally across product teams, genomics scientists and bio/IT experts and non-experts. We have agile development, flexible processes to match your solution needs, that usually start in one of three ways:

1) Configure a new pipeline

2) Edit a “reference pipeline” from the BlueBee library to kick-start development

3) Migrate your existing data analysis pipeline to BlueBee, whether it is public or proprietary

Scientific Applications

Your applications member is considering your solution from a genomics and operational perspective, to help ensure that when in the field, in the hands of your customers, end users and lab staff, your solution achieves its purpose and is streamlined for use.

UI/UX Designer

This function applies especially to solutions built within the BlueVantage application tier, including custom user interfaces with a white labeled BlueBee backend. UI, reports and other documentation may assume your brand identity. Your UI/UX designer ensures that we efficiently build a solution that works not only for you, but for your end users in look and feel.

Data Security Officer

At BlueBee we take data security and compliance seriously. It is built into the core of our platform and every customer solution. Your Data Security Officer consults to ensure that your compliance requirements are addressed and that we are best supporting you for any regulatory submissions. BlueBee is transparent and open with all methodologies and methods.

Account Manager

Your account manager serves to ensure that your BlueBee financial model works and you’re your investment in the best-in-class data analysis solution is sustainable based on your business model. BlueBee customers are long-term, expanding and evolving their solution over time.


For assay manufacturers, there is an option to partner on the marketing from to support your go-to-market activities. We routinely host webinars, workshops, expert hours, press releases, joint promotions and more with our partners to help drive awareness and success in the market. We can also operate under non-disclosure terms, with confidentiality of your partner status, if this is required. We see your success as directly linked to our success.

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