15 MARCH, 2018

Data Analysis, Aggregation And Management Have an Essential Role to Play in Gaining Insights and Wisdom From Genomic Data

Precision Medicine Forum Editor Mark Glover spoke to the Bluebee’s CEO Hans Cobben (pictured) about enabling and facilitating the potential of precision medicine through data analysis. Bluebee offers an advanced global bio-informatics platform to analyse, share and store genomics data. It supports users in clinical diagnostics, pharma and research with advanced analytics for genomic discovery that will… Learn More

07 DECEMBER, 2017

Bluebee adds NEN 7510:2011 Certification to its Security Portfolio

The security of Bluebee’s customer data is a priority highlighted by the recent NEN 7510:2011 certification, and demonstrates the company’s continued strive for security compliance and excellence in handling healthcare data. The NEN 7510:2011 standard is the Dutch standard detailing requirements on information security for organizations processing and managing patient data. Required by the Ministry… Learn More

06 NOVEMBER, 2017

Overcoming High Sequence Complexity with the PacBio De Novo Assembly Pipeline, on the Bluebee Platform

Complex elements – repetitive regions, copy number variants, or structural variations – are challenging, if not impossible to sequence using short-read technologies. PacBio’s long-read technology based on Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing, delivers long reads with uniform coverage, allowing comprehensive de novo genome assemblies that can overcome the short-read sequencing challenges of complex DNA regions…. Learn More

03 NOVEMBER, 2017

ASHG 2017 was all About Expediting the Analysis and Interpretation of Research and Clinical Data

The theme of this year’s annual gathering of geneticists at the American Society of Human Genetics conference held in Orlando was centered around expediting the analysis and interpretation of both research and clinical data. The conference kicked off with a talk by ASHG President Dr. Nancy Cox, highlighting the need for diversity in genetic studies to… Learn More

09 OCTOBER, 2017

Join the Bluebee and PacBio® expert hours at ASHG

At this year’s gathering of human geneticists at ASHG, Bluebee will seize the opportunity to highlight our latest developments and our newly established collaboration with PacBio, making their “de novo sequencing pipeline” instantly accessible for Bluebee users. This HGAP4 pipeline simplifies the workflow and offers a fully automated, end-to-end, data analysis solution, for the assembly… Learn More

26 SEPTEMBER, 2017

Homing in on Clinically Relevant Variants with the Bluebee Annotation Reference Pipeline

Available to all Bluebee users, the Bluebee Annotation Reference Pipeline enables the identification of a large number of genetic variants from a single sequencing experiment. Understanding the clinical relevance of the identified variants in any genetic dataset critically depends on annotating those variants with the proper information. To ensure a fast and efficient variant annotation… Learn More

26 JUNE, 2017

Bluebee Just Received Another Security Stamp of Excellence

We at Bluebee are excited to have achieved CSA STAR Assessment Level 1 which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the platform and data security. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) – a non-profit organization launched in 2009 – is the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure… Learn More

07 JUNE, 2017

Pushing the data boundaries to advance healthcare

Over the last two weeks, the Bluebee team attended both Bio-IT 2017 in Boston and the European Society for Human Genetics conference, ESHG, in Copenhagen, Denmark. These events were content-rich, once more demonstrating that the field of next-generation sequencing has matured and is steadily moving towards addressing both existing and new challenges associated with large… Learn More

23 MAY, 2017

Delivering a seamless end-to-end RNA-seq solution

We are excited to release a new case study that focuses on complete end-to-end solution delivery in partnership with Lexogen, a Vienna-based company, and the provider of innovative RNA transcriptomics solutions for next generation sequencing (NGS) protocols. Not only does this case study highlight the benefits for the end-user of kit solutions that are faced… Learn More

12 APRIL, 2017

Another Information-Rich AACR Meeting is Over – Many Insights on Advancing Cancer Research Gained

This year’s AACR meeting achieved record attendance with more than 21,900 researchers, physicians, and commercial providers gathering in Washington DC for the annual event.  What an exciting meeting, filled with innovative science and optimism for the field’s future. Cancer research is a vast and complex undertaking that involves researchers from many different disciplines and across… Learn More

20 MARCH, 2017

Bluebee Awarded With The Frost And Sullivan 2017 Enabling Technology Leadership Award

Today we announced that Bluebee has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2017 European Enabling Technology Leadership Award. Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to a company that has developed a pioneering technology that enhances current products and enables the development of new products and applications that address global challenges. We are honored… Learn More

10 MARCH, 2017

Bluebee Compliance Officer invited to be part of Data Protection and GDPR panel

On 7th March 2017, Bluebee Compliance Officer, Sophia Kankuah was one of the panellists at the Data Protection & GDPR conference that took place in Antwerp, Belgium. Bluebee, is a provider of a private cloud-based accelerated genomics platform with state-of-the-art data security and regulatory compliance.  Sophia shared her experience about the new General Data Protection… Learn More

20 FEBRUARY, 2017

Our First AGBT Attendance Was Fantastic

Looking back on the annual Advances in Genome Biology & Technology (AGBT) conference, held this year at Hollywood Beach, I must conclude I had an amazing time at this very unique event. The scientific talks were of top caliber and the networking opportunities over lunch and drinks were most valuable. I learned first-hands about the… Learn More

16 FEBRUARY, 2017

Bluebee Selected as a 2017 IBM Beacon Awards Finalist

It is a great honor that Bluebee was selected as an IBM Beacon Awards Finalist in the category of “Outstanding Innovation on Cloud Infrastructure”. The 2017 Beacon Awards recognizes IBM Business Partners around the globe for their innovative use of IBM offerings, technical excellence, and resulting client satisfaction. This is a great achievement for the entire… Learn More

12 JANUARY, 2017

Bluebee to Present at Precision Medicine World Conference 2017

The annual Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) will take place in Mountain View, CA, January 23 – 25, 2017. This established conference attracts over 1,200 global attendees consisting of recognized thought leaders, top global researchers and medical professionals, and innovators from across healthcare and the biotechnology sector. We are excited to have an active presence… Learn More

11 JANUARY, 2017

Happy New Year – May it be a Successful One!

First off, I want to wish all a wonderful, healthy, and successful 2017! We at Bluebee had a great and exciting 2016 with the continuous success of our European product rollout, our platform security confirmation with ISO27001, IGSOC, and HIPAA certification, the opening of our office in Boston, the signing on of first US customers,… Learn More

19 OCTOBER, 2016

Lexogen And Bluebee Collaborate To Simplify Gene Expression RNA-Seq Data Analysis

Transcriptomics and next generation sequencing company Lexogen and Bluebee are collaborating to make the QuantSeq data analysis pipeline on the Bluebee genomics analysis platform. Lexogen’s QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit has already been recognized as one of the fastest, most cost-efficient, and accurate methods for expression profiling using next generation sequencing. It is also… Learn More

28 SEPTEMBER, 2016

San Diego Festival of Genomics Summary

On 20th-21st September, Bluebee exhibited at the Festival of Genomics in the beautiful city of San Diego, California. According to the mayor of San Diego, this city is becoming the Genomics Capital of the World, since it is hosting a growing number of biotech companies, currently about 800. Hence, San Diego was the ideal location to… Learn More

14 SEPTEMBER, 2016

Bluebee Opens a New Corporate Office in Boston, MA

After a fruitful year of introducing our cloud-based high performance genomics solutions in the United States and Canada, we have established close relationships with major research and clinical labs in the region. With the opening of our new office, we are excited to demonstrate our increased commitment to service them even better. From our Boston… Learn More

12 SEPTEMBER, 2016

ECCB 2016 Sum Up

The Bluebee team attended the 15th European Conference on Computational Biology in The Hague, September 3-7 2016. This has been a fantastic combination of cutting edge keynote presentations from prestigious institutions around the world, and parallel tracks focusing on various themes (Genomes, Systems, Data, Applications and others). A remarkable amount of effort is being provided… Learn More

02 SEPTEMBER, 2016

How Big Data Drives Scientific Progress

What underlies disruptive scientific advancement? Does science progress best when a ‘theory-driven’ approach is being followed? Or is scientific progress rather driven by the development and introduction of new technologies that lead to the ‘sudden’ availability of phenomenal amounts of data? This question has never become more relevant in an era in which Big Data… Learn More

06 JUNE, 2016

ESHG 2016 Sum Up

The Bluebee team participated in the annual European Society of Human Genetics in Barcelona, 21st- 24th May, 2016. Our team exhibited at booth 343, where we had numerous of interesting discussions with researchers, lab managers, and commercial directors. All professionals had the same goal: further unlock the huge potential of genetics. Many initiatives were presented... Learn More

15 APRIL, 2016

Back from the Bio-IT World Conference in Boston

Last week we went to Boston for the Bio-IT World Conference 2016. The three days of the conference were packed with great exposure for Bluebee, exciting talks and excellent networking opportunities. Our booth was a busy place to be and to engage with our team of seven experts about the show, the current market view... Learn More

29 JANUARY, 2016

Festival Of Genomics wrap-up

In January, we exhibited at the Festival of Genomics in London, overall a great success, with very good attendance on our booth and interesting speaker session.  The event ran very smoothly, although the cold weather wasn’t only outside on the streets of London but also decided to attend the event. With plenty of exhibitors and attendees we... Learn More

20 DECEMBER, 2015

OpenPOWER Personalized Medicine Workshop summary

As part of the OpenPOWER Workgroup on Personalized Medicine, more than 40 interested attendees participated in the Personalized Medicine Workshop organized on Nov 14, 2015 in Austin (TX). The objective of the workshop was to bring together important players and address relevant issues in the field as well as chart future developments, challenges and opportunities.... Learn More

16 DECEMBER, 2015

Bluebee Scientific Advisor wins a HiPEAC Tech Transfer Award 2015

Congratulations to Zaid Al-Ars for winning the HiPEAC Tech Transfer Award winner, an award that recognises the successful examples of technology transfers from academia to industry. HiPEAC is the European Network of Excellence on High Performance Architectures, which focusses on steering European research in the area of high-performance and embedded computing systems. The Tech Transfer Award... Learn More

10 DECEMBER, 2015

Edmee van Dijk joins Bluebee as Chief Financial Officer

Bluebee announces that Edmée van Dijk is joining the company as Chief Financial Officer. Edmée joins Bluebee from the Alma mater and shareholder Delft University of Technology, where she was responsible for the investment portfolio of the university.  In this role, Edmée was a member of the board of directors of numerous spin-outs, including Bluebee.  Prior she worked in Venture Capital firm TIIN Capital and... Learn More

18 NOVEMBER, 2015

Big turnout for our Personalized Medicine workshop hosted in conjunction with IBM and OpenPOWER

On the eve of the Supercomputing conference SC15, the OpenPOWER Foundation, IBM and Bluebee co-hosted a workshop on Personalized Medicine in Austin, TX. The OpenPOWER Personalized Medicine Workshop reached out to the key players and stakeholders in the genomics field, to spur discussion, identify current trends and chart future challenges and opportunities. After the September announcement that Bluebee co-founder and scientific advisor Dr. Zaid... Learn More

16 NOVEMBER, 2015

Bluebee supports the annual charity event of Rotary Brussels Catersteen

Bluebee is sponsoring the annual charity event organised by Rotary Club Brussels Cantersteen. The event will take place on the Friday November 20th. The evening will be of entertaining nature: projecting the latest Bond Movie: SPECTRE starring high-performance Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Feinnes  and Monica Belluci. The movie will be followed by a dinner at the prestigious BMW Brand... Learn More

08 NOVEMBER, 2015

TU Delft – Bluebee paper published at HPC-BCB workshop in Washington

We are pleased to announce that there will be a paper published at the High Performance Computing for Big Data Computational Biology workshop taking place between 9-12th November in Washington D.C. The event is in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM) The paper – researched and written in a collaboration between Computer Engineering Lab at... Learn More

08 NOVEMBER, 2015

Eurotech-Computers partners with Bluebee

Eurotech-Computers partners with Bluebee to expand their offering in the life sciences sector. Bluebee’s  HPC-based genomics analysis platform fits perfectly with the Eurotech partner portfolio, consisting of some of the most respected and innovative companies in the industry. Bluebee’s private cloud-based and accelerated genomics analysis platform enables fast, efficient, compliant and affordable processing of large volumes of genome data.... Learn More

21 OCTOBER, 2015

Rare Disease Focus

Earlier in September, Bluebee sponsored a Cambridge-based Rare Disease summit organised by a philanthropic-oriented non-for-profit organisation called Cambridge Rare Disease Network (CRDN). The one-day event was held at the Cambridge Judge Business School and featured 35 speakers and over 130 attendees. The summit attracted all active stake holders in the rare disease space including relatives of rare disease patients,... Learn More

03 SEPTEMBER, 2015

Intel Invests US$50 Million to Advance Quantum Computing

Congratulations to Bluebee founder Prof. K.L.M Bertels from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) for the $50M funding provided by Intel to advance research efforts in Quantum Computing. The collaboration along with TNO will span over 10 years and holds the promise of solving complex problems that are practically insurmountable today. Full article in Business... Learn More

16 MAY, 2015

Top edition for the 6th 1000 km bike ride

3500 bikers, divided over 600 teams participated in this year’s edition of the “Kom op tegen Kanker” 1000km bike ride to raise money in the fight against cancer. Each cyclist in the teams cycled 125 km over the course of four 1000km bike rides to raise money . The event organized by the Flemish League... Learn More

05 FEBRUARY, 2015

Dr. Marc Hogenbirk joins the Bluebee team

Bluebee announces the expansion of its senior management team with the appointment of Marc Hogenbirk, Ph.D. as Head of Product Management High Performance Genomics solutions. Marc joins Bluebee from the Netherlands Cancer Institute – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital (NKI-AVL) where he was project leader bio-informatics in oncology. He received his Ph.D. at the Netherlands Cancer... Learn More

11 NOVEMBER, 2014

Dr. Zaid Al-Ars wins TU Delft DIG-it Award

Bluebee’s Dr. Zaid Al-Ars has been awarded with the TU Delft DIG-it Award for his innovative work in accelerating DNA-analysis in cancer research. The jury selected the winner from over 700 projects, based on innovation, applicability and social impact. Congratulations Zaid ! Click here to read more on RTLZ (in Dutch)

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