Per Sample Pricing


Go to market with your data solution, without upfront investment.

Your BlueBee solution is designed to fit within a ‘per-sample’ price model, just like a consumable. Unlike traditional software or infrastructure, the total cost for BlueBee scales predictably. BlueBee data solutions eliminate the burden of time and capital expenditure incurred by creating and maintaining in-house computer clusters.

For assay manufacturers, BlueBee may be bundled as part of your assay kit. Users log-on to a secure web portal using an “activation code” that is received with your kit. Your customer is immediately enabled with a complete bioinformatics solution that has been defined and validated by you. You have visibility into the customer’s analysis status and whether the run passed your QC criteria with success or not. As part of your combined assay and analysis offering, your BlueBee solution provides secure, private cloud storage with a data residency guarantee if compliance for sensitive data is a requirement.

For high-throughput service labs that deploy BlueBee solutions directly, pipelines are set-up per assay with a per sample cost model. This removes the barrier of entry for high-performance computing, removes risk, and enables service labs to accept any size project, no matter how large, with instant, dynamic scalability. Computational resources are automatically provisioned to handle high surges in demand. Clear Service Level Agreements define and guarantee the required data processing and turnaround times that you need to achieve.

Uniform processing times and costs

  • Eliminate the time and capital expenditure needed to create and maintain in-house computer clusters.
  • Pay per sample with no surprise costs.
  • Define retention profiles to keep storage costs under control.
  • Control and predict with accuracy, bioinformatics cost and dependency.

BlueBee solutions come with an all-in, price per sample so that you can predict and reduce your bioinformatics costs. Each solution includes a detailed cost management and reporting system for budget allocation and internal and external user payment requests. Budget allocation and cross-charging becomes simple.

With a transparent and predictable cost model, an entire organization can deliver results on time and within budget. Partners with different operational needs may choose between the standard per sample model or other volume-based options.

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