Use cases

Our accelerated private cloud platform for NGS data analysis enables fast, secure and affordable processing of large data.

With Bluebee’s clinical grade solutions, our customers can run their pipelines orders of magnitude faster without compromising the algorithms and methods used, or the flexibility required to provide quality, sensitivity and reliability.

Research centers

Bluebee allows genetic research centers to handle complex pipeline configuration, to manage massive data sets and to orchestrate multi-site collaboration for the benefit of more and better research.

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Clinical labs

With a strong focus on delivering fast and accurate results, Bluebee helps clinical labs and hospitals to execute on the promise of precision medicine and to reduce time-to-diagnosis.

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Diagnostic test providers

For diagnostic test providers looking to streamline their discovery and validation process, grow their portfolio and extend their reach, Bluebee is the partner of choice.

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Sequencing service providers

By choosing the right bioinformatics partner, sequencing service providers are able to extend their offering, grow their business and differentiate from competition. White labeling is available.

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Peter Frommolt, Head of CECAD’s Bioinformatics Facility

“The collaboration with Bluebee fits with our ambition to reduce the hurdles that still limit the usability of the powerful NGS technology. By making our pipelines and interpretation tools available to the users of the Bluebee platform, we considerably lower the barrier for access to our application”

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