Deliver high quality and user-friendly solutions

Kit providers

If you’re a kit provider, our flexible and scalable solution can help you deliver efficient, optimized downstream data analyses for your researchers and clinicians, relieving you from the challenge of helping them identify and select the “proper analysis solution” that provides the high quality and streamlined analysis results which complements your kit solution. If you are the provider of a specialized kit that requires frequent hand-holding or a specific analysis workflow for your customers to succeed, we can simply and thereby elevate your solution to increase your market reach.

Bluebee provides a secure and unified environment for your customers to collaborate on different data analyses and helps them streamline the sample and data processes associated with you kits. This ensures integrated quality control, and accelerated results delivery, all managed via an intuitive dashboard. We guarantee “Data Residency Control” in state-of-the art data centers across major European countries and US cities. This will help you to support an international market, via a global roll-out, without being hampered by regional regulatory issues.

  • Reach new markets with an “all-in-one” solution from samples to analyzed data delivered via customizable reports.
  • Accelerate your go-to-market by removing the analysis headache for your kit customers.
  • Deliver quality assurance with your kits.
  • Provide a secure and compliant data environment for kit-based sample analysis.
  • Lock pipelines and provide audit trails for diagnostic deployment.
  • Reduce technical data analysis support for your kit customers.

Dr. Dalia Daujotyte, Head of Business Development at Lexogen

“Rather than letting our users figure it out themselves and struggling with the data analysis aspect, we decided to use Bluebee’s genomics platform. The result is a seamless end-to-end solution, which provides tremendous value to our customers.”