Scale and increase your capacity to manage your current and future volumes.

Research Centers

Bluebee allows genomic core facilities and research centers to handle complex pipeline configuration, to manage massive data sets and to orchestrate multi-site collaboration for the benefit of more and better research.

High performance

Bluebee’s unique private cloud based accelerated genomics platform enables fast, efficient and affordable processing of large volumes of genomics data. With Bluebee’s acceleration, bioinformatics pipelines run orders of magnitude faster without compromising the algorithms and methods used, or the flexibility required to support the diversity of the scientific projects.

Flexible configuration

Pipelines can be configured either through the web portal in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, by way of scripting or API’s. We can migrate your existing NGS data processing pipelines on the platform for you, or you can set-up pipelines yourself. Ready to use reference pipelines and peer-validated pipelines allow you to get started with very limited set-up and configuration.

Centralized data

With all data centralized in one facility and fine-grained access control and security profiles, collaboration is not just made easy but most of all it becomes manageable. Sharing is not restricted to your own collaborators.  Data, methods, pipelines, processing information and reports, can be securely shared without unnecessary data transfers.

Dr. Oliver Dittrich-Breiholz, Research Core Unit Transcriptomic, Hannover Medical School

“Efficient user management supported by appropriate permission setting is essential when handling and sharing sequence data”