Multi-layered, encrypted, compliant.
Localized data processing.

Highly Secured

At Bluebee we take security very seriously. Our platform has been designed from the bottom up with confidential patient information and multi-layered data security in mind.

Secure data transmission

It all starts with the Bluebee Service Connector. The customer interaction with the platform is secured through strong encrypted 1024-bit authentication and data transfer. Upon arrival in the data centers all patient related data is digitally signed, and monitored for authenticity.
Digital signing of genomic data files ensures immutability and authenticity throughout the data lifecycle. Any anomaly or tampering is immediately detected and alerted.

Local data processing

Bluebee operates in globally distributed high-performance computing centers (we have local datacenters in all major European countries and in the US). Processing and storage of the genomics data are contractually guaranteed in the region of your choice through “Data Residency Control”. This control is essential to comply with local regulatory requirements stating genomics data can not leave the country and to operate according to local data privacy regulations.

Multi-layered security

All data is encrypted both in flight and at rest stages. The combination of digital signing and encryption techniques ensure the origin and integrity of all data flowing across the platform. All activities are tracked in the platform’s audit logs, assuring complete audit trailing for regulatory requirements to be met.

Clinical grade storage

Customers autonomously configure retention policies for their data. All data processed and generated can either be kept in a transient way, for short term or for long term. At any point in time, customers can request “data retrieval”, ensuring a full return of all data processed and stored, as well as “data destruction” whereby Bluebee guarantees complete deletion of all copies (master and backups).


Bluebee and the data centers are compliant with all applicable security and regulation standards. This guarantees state-of-the-art data security as well regulatory compliance. The compliance standards which Bluebee adheres to include HIPAA, EU Model Clauses, IGT (NHS, UK), CSA Star Level 1, PHIPA, PIPEDA and country-specific regulations when processing confidential patient and human genome data.


All actions on the Bluebee platform related to data transfer, storage, processing, system configuration, security policies, audit trails, regional operations, etc. can be accessed through a set of documented API’s. This enables customers to develop their own LIMS integration, or even their own white-labeled web and device applications.